MerryMan House; Saving, Building & Changing Lives/Kentucky

The MerryMan House Domestic Crisis Center is a fully certified domestic violence program through the Kentucky Coalition against Domestic Violence. This means the Purchase Region can be confident in the expert care offered here. The mission of the MerryMan House Domestic Crisis Center is to “Save, Build, and Change the lives of those affected by domestic violence.” Our services support this mission.



24-hour Crisis Line all staff who answer the crisis line receive specialized training to assist callers and community partners in responding to the issue of domestic violence.
Lethality Assessments – Local law enforcement conduct lethality assessments at the scene of domestic violence calls – and work in partnership with the MerryMan House to assess victims for the risk of death and/or serious physical injury and intervene as needed.
24-hour Emergency Shelter – The MerryMan House is a 24-bed safe house for those fleeing partner (domestic) violence. We are always open – and always ready to welcome those in need. We house primarily women and children at our Paducah location and work to find safe shelter for male victims at alternate locations. There is a place for you.
Emergency Protective Orders – the Merryman House staff is trained to assist clients in completling EPO petitions and work with the court and its partners to ensure 24-hour access to this service.



Comprehensive Advocacy and Support – trained advocates work to complete full need asseessments with clients and provide on-going case management and support through the journey to healing.
Housing Stabilization – MH housing counselors work with clients to help them attain safe, and affordable housing so that they can rebuild their lives in a violence-free environment.
Mental Health Support – Clients have access to licensed therapists who come on site to assist. Both adults and children need mental health support to recover from the trauma of domestic violence. We offer individual counseling and educational groups.
Financial Literacy – Financial barriers are the number one reason why individuals return to an abusive relationship. The MH offers many programs that assist survivors in developing financial literacy and life skills to become economically empowered and self-sufficient.
Legal Advocacy – many survivors need help navigating the legal system – both criminal court and civil court. The MerryMan  House staff accompany survivors to EPO/DVO hearings, as well as support them thru the criminal justice process. We also work to link them with attorneys to assist them in various ways (e.g, divorce, child custody, etc.) and Calloway) where clients can receive educational groups, on going, on-going case management and financial assistance.
Economic Support – the MerryMan House has a strong economic empowerment program where eligible clients can access Innovative savings plans and matching programs; microloans to improve credit scores and attend basic budgeting and financial literacy classes. In addition, the MerryMan House offers support to off-set the costs of employment or going back to school through transportation and child-care assistance.
Housing Stabilization – clients are assessed for eligibility for a host of housing programs that assist them in transitioning into stable and affordable housing.
Domestic Violence Support Groups – clients are encouraged to to attend Domestic Violence support groups and experience the power of support from those who are experiencing similar struggles and triumphs.


Paducah Cooperative Ministry – Fresh Start Village

Address: 402 Legion Dr. Paducah, KY 42003                                                                  Phone Number: 270-442-6795                                                                                          Email: pem@hcis.net.



In the right set of unfortunate circumstances, anyone can become displaced and find themselves without a home to call their own. Sadly, people experiencing the trauma of homelessness are a uniquely understood population in our region.

Since 1989, PCM has worked to break the cycle of homelessness in our community. Our Fresh Start Village seeks to provide a safe, homelike environment, a sense of self-worth, as well as guidance and access to essential resources.

While residency in the Fresh Start Village is limited to single women and single mothers accompanied by children, we also work to assist anyone in a homeless situation. For these individuals PCM works to find the nearest available shelter as well as makes arrangements for food, transportation and other basic needs.

The long-term impact of our work is a safer, healthier community for all. Immediate, short-term resources mean not having to experience the dangers of sleeping in unsafe locations or going hungry. Children will have a safe refuge while their moms begin building a new future. Debt reduction, money management, daily living skills and assistance with housing are some of the strengths of the program.



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