Wanna Contact Me Directly …

#Wished MyEyesWereGreen.


Nothing but 100% honesty right here:

It may take me a minute to get back with you after you reach out to me via any outlet. Because as many know I am also tryin to remain “sober”. And you guys my brain was, or is completely fried. Because of all the drug abuse I put my body through. Thank God for the remaining brain cells I do have left. Hell, at least they still function, even if it’s one at time on a semi normal level. My memoery isn’t to good, I have mental health issues and I am medicated and kept level with a few psych meds. (Who isn’t nowa days) Lol. Jkjk. For real though. That’s why I have two (2) contact pages on my site. It’s just two more ways of reminding me to check my email & messenger messages.

I’m in a good mood tonight. My husband and I have still been getting along pretty damn good. Today being one of those great days. Just chatting a lil here an there & cutting jokes. Even some flirting between each other. We had dinner together. He ordered a pizza. He did a good job too. But it doesn’t change the fact I’m forgetful as hell. Not jk. I’m doing the best I can with everything in me. I just get so distracted, so easily. Ooh … Something shiny.

I’m updating this page today. March 16, 2022, at 12:25am. Greg might just sleep in the bed tonight instead of the couch like he normally does. Only because it hurts to get up in the mornings when he wakes up. I to feel his pain when it comes to this bed. We have a love/hate relationship as well. (me an the bed)

Remeber guys he’s 20 years older than me. He’s no spring chicken any more. LOL! March 25, 2022. His 60th birthday. I’ve always heard that opposites attract. What can be said? I love older men. With their salt & pepper-grey hair. Okay. Enough of my interests.

Please, finish reading if you want to catch me sometime.

If you need to talk one on one, or even face to face. Please, feel free shoot me an email asking me. I’d like to ask for your phone number, name, and return email address if you’d like to speak to me one on one.

I’ll need your private/personal return emai address if you’d prefer via tech/messages.


It may seem a lot to give up just to talk to someone, but I gotta make sure I’m safe also. It’s a crazy ass world we live in, and unpredictable. I’m sure everyone can feel me on that level.


You can also shoot me a friend request on Facebook. I’ll except, (mention this page or my site when requesting) and then we can chat through Messenger, or by video.

My real name is “Tina Peck”. I I have two (2) different accounts on Facebook. One accounts profile pic is the cartoon emoji. The second accounts profile pic is the real me. In the flesh. 


I told you guys I was self taught using technology, So I never thought about how fucking hard it is keeping up with my passwords. Shit … Trying to remember em is even worse. Lol.

My Email Address:             safespacewordpress@gmail.com

The email address I posted up above is brand-new and it’s also my personal email. I’ve not recieved any spam or crap sponsored trash in my inbox, or Spam folder. So when an individual emails me using that address. I”ll get back with you even if I suddenly wanna smoke a cig. I don’t know what I’m really gonna do when I get my first one but just know I’ll get back to you as fast as I possibly can.

Or Send Me A Text Message:

I’m goning to need you to provide the name of my website. Specifically? How serious you are about requesting help with what-ever it may be your upset, depressed about or angry about something paricular

You MUST use my link;

https://safespace986326027.blog.wordpress.com (270)-279-3572 

I’ll have my real replacement cell phone soon enough. I guess I’m gonna have to send the “was supposed to be my new one” back the phone company. If this shit is gonna happen to someone it’s always gonna be me that has to be kept waiting …                                                


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