Welcome To SafeSpace

Email us: helpishere@safe-space.cloud  Call: 1-270-279-3572
Welcome to Safe-Space
This organization has done so much good in their ability to help those less fortunate. They truly are an amazing outreach program. Regardless if you’re in recovery or still in active addiction. We’re all here to help. 
When I first created SafeSpace it started out just as a small group that I invited lots of people to join. Soon it gained lots of members and even more followers. Its now grown big enough to where it’s and led me to WordPress.com and they have really taught me, and guided me by helping  bring this creation life as my own website. I honestly never thought it’d come this far and be doing this good.This organization’s name was thought of by my beautiful daughter, Mercedes. She told me having the word Safe in the title would show people they too will be safe if they wanted to reach out and speak to any one of our many volunteers on staff, or you could even talk to me. Nobody will EVER be judged regardless of what the problems you’ve got on your mind that you want off your chest. You’ll never be made fun of, bullied, or harassed. If someone you speak to is ever rude or they are being disrespectful to you or any of your friends that may have called trying to reach out to someone here, please do not hesitate in getting their name and they’ll be replaced that quick.This isn’t a joking matter to anyone working here to make light of.  Ask for me after you get the person’s name and I’ll handle them personally myself. We here at Safe-Space have a ZERO tolerance for being rude or disrespectful to our callers who are seeking help, advice, support, or if you just want to talk about anything random so you know your not alone out there.
This organization is family owned and operated. We do have a select few volunteers that help man the phone lines and help keep up with incoming emails. Every single email we receive is read thoroughly, and responded to daily. We get hundreds upon hundreds of emails a day. Please if you or someone you know needs help, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Either via email, our Facebook Business Page, or the contact number above.

Reminder: If you choose to call the number listed above and prefer to speak one-on-one with someone, DO NOT forget to send us a text message letting us know your name, and that your fixing to call us. We only ask you to do this because we have rude and disrespectful people that prank call us pretending they’re in some type of danger, only to laugh in our faces then hang up. ((So, if we don’t receive a message, and no one knows the number, no call will be answered)).
It’s not because we want to do that, on the contrary. It’s because there are so many disrespectful people who think it’s funny to call and pretend they’re crying and need help. Only to bust out laughing and then hang up on us.
Please, please? I can’t stress enough to be sure and send us a message or you could even leave us a voicemail. If you would like a call back please leave us your number. Thank you all, and God Bless.